Point Reyes National Seashore Association – CATS4U was instrumental in creating a habitat for the California red-legged frog. A rare species of frog, it is found almost exclusively here in California. On the Endangered Species list because it is threatened by invasive species and habitat loss, we worked with a PRNSA inspector and a project biologist to create a pond that would serve as an appropriate habitat. We also constructed a freshwater marsh and established a highwater wildlife refuge for birds.

Geyserville Park – Time, materials and equipment were donated to the construction of a downtown park for the community of Geyserville, Ca.

Healdsburg High School & Russian Riverkeeper – Collaborating with the local high school and the advocacy organization Russian Riverkeeper, CATS4U created much needed vegetated swales for storm water runoff to the Russian River.

Marin Municipal Wet Weather Upgrades – Excavated bay and mud up to 30 feet deep for new building foundations as well as road retaining walls. Did all finish work for roads and paving.

Bohemian Grove – CATS4U excavated and constructed 2 wastewater treatment ponds, rebuilt a water storage tank pad using native fills, and constructed an irrigation tank site with compacted Class II base rock. Completed by hydroseeding and mulching all exposed cuts and fills.

Proctor Heights – We created a 6 foot wide paved walkway through steep wood along with stairway.

Cooley Ranch Reservoirs – Excavated and constructed 4 vineyard reservoirs, each with water diversion facilities, four pipelines to connect facilities to water storage facilities and created 5 acre wetland area.

Kelley Residence – Demolished the old home and swimming pool, then did all excavation, utilities and drainage for a custom home, guesthouse and barn.

Waldo Point Harbor – Phase I included removing 2 feet of soil, adding up to 6 feet of lava rock and raising/installing new water, sewer and storm drains, all to alleviate tidal flooding. Phase II will begin in 2013.

Soscal Gateway Transit Mall – Grading for new 2-story transit center including vegetated swale, installing hydrodynamic separators, parking lots, bus entryways, 900 feet of new 30 inch RCP with manholes and curb inlets.

Napa Berryessa Resort – Improvements for district water and wastewater improvements for this 2013 project will include building 4 new sewer ponds in a steep hillside near lake Berryessa.